The Advantages of Email Archiving for Enterprises

The secure storage of business-relevant emails is legally obligatory for companies.
This data must be stored securely and easily accessible. Compliance with the DSGVO is also relevant and the storage of data must comply with it. We offer modern cloud-based email archiving, which has many advantages over traditional methods of email storage. Learn more about the benefits of email archiving and how it can help you keep your data secure and organised while conserving resources.

What is cloud-based e-mail archiving?

Cloud-based e-mail archiving is a modern solution for storing and managing email data. Instead of storing emails on local mail servers or hard drives, cloud-based e-mail archiving stores them in secure, off-site data centers (in our case, TIER III+ data centers NTT and Interxion in Vienna). This allows easy access to emails from anywhere with an internet connection, as well as increased security and protection against data loss. In addition, the cloud service often offers features such as advanced and easy search capabilities and compliance with legal requirements as well as industry regulations.

Mail archiving helps achieve compliance and improve email management

To archiv emails is an important process for organizations to ensure their email communications are securely stored and easily accessible. Email solutions offer email archiving capabilities, but many organizations choose to use dedicated archiving solutions for security and convenience. This is because in many cases it cannot be completely guaranteed that the stored data is really DSGVO compliant, i.e. stored in the EU area, and kept unchangeable for years.
In our email archiving solution we use MailStore and the hardware is operated 100% in Austrian data centers.
MailStore is a third-party email archiving solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365, for example, and allows companies to easily archive and retrieve emails. With MailStore, organizations can ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, protect against data loss, and improve email management efficiency.

Email Archiving as a Service

Centralized email archiving keeps data for years without change or loss. Full-text indexing makes it easy to search for specific records. Special content can thus be found very quickly and at any time. At the same time, the special nature of the e-mail archiving solution enables storage capacities to be reduced by as much as 70% and mail servers to be relieved. Mailbox limitations are a thing of the past, as are PST files. Behind this is the automatic deletion of mails from a mailbox as soon as it has been archived. Nothing changes for users, except that searching for mails and content is much easier and faster.

E-mail Archive: Legal Situation for Austria

For various business correspondence, there is a legal obligation to keep it for several years.
The Federal Fiscal Code (BAO, § 131 f.), the Business Code (especially § 190 UGB) as well as the Stock Corporation Act and the Limited Liability Company Act are fundamental for this. Bei umsatzsteuer-relevanten Belegen kommen darüber hinaus die Regelungen des Umsatzsteu-ergesetzes (UStG) zum Tragen.

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