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Kubernetes aaS: The Advantages of our Service

With TIMEWARP’s Kubernetes aaS offering, you can outsource the operation of the entire platform to us and fully focus on your core competence. We also offer a large portfolio of 24×7 managed services that you can access as needed.

Kubernetes aaS enables a low time-to-market and you can roll out quickly and flexibly.

It also gives you much more flexibility, as more containers can be dynamically provisioned as demand increases, allowing you to scale IT resources easily and quickly. Containers are also agilely relocatable. This means you can move containers to other clouds, because with us there is no provider lock-in!

Kubernetes aaS at Timewarp means that performance is very high and services run 24×7. Billing intensive applications can be handled by our customers with GPU support. This service is only charged based on actual usage and gives additional flexibility.

IT security and data safety as well as DSGVO compliance are hugely important issues for most of our customers. That is why our Kubernetes aaS is also built according to important security criteria. These govern data access, platform management, and data storage and recovery. We and our data center partners have all the important (ISO) certifications in this area.

We have two separate data center locations in Austria and several abroad – geo-redundancy is therefore possible.

Due to the special design of the Kubernetes aaS platform, you can easily realize the separation of your customers and also easily manage them via our self-service platform.

We charge Kubernetes aaS according to the pay-per-use principle.

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Kubernetes aaS: The Advantages of our Service

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