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How to use S3 Browser to connect to Buckets

How to connect to the S3 Browser?

You can access Timewarp's S3 storage via an S3 browser. This can be downloaded for free.

With a Timewarp S3 client, you can access and manage files stored in buckets. You can upload, download and delete files, create folders and perform other operations without using a web browser.

In addition, you can change settings.

S3 Browser download:


After downloading the S3 browser, you must log in on the screen with your individual data. You will then find a description of how to do this.

How to access S3 Bucket thru the Browser:

Once you have installed S3 Browser in Windows, you will be prompted to configure your account to access S3.

Display name: Fill in your user name for your account.
Account typ: Choose S3 Compatible Storage.
REST Endponit: Fill in s3.timewarp.at.
Access Key-ID: Enter your Access Key ID. This is your username, which is available in the portal.
Secret Access Key: Enter your Secret Access Key. This is the password that is available in the portal for your user.
Encrypt Access Keys with password: This is an additional security level to protect your key, which you can optionally choose, but you do not have to in our service.
Use secure transer (SSL/TLS): The check mark must be set.

Administration Interface for S3

Here you can see how the administration interface in the Timewarp Portal can look and what options are available on it:

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