Cloud Archive Storage from Austria

Which online Archive Storage is the best?


Basically, this question is easy to answer: All those archive data storage systems are suitable that store data securely and can restore them after a failure or cyber attack. This means that suitable online storage is also a disaster recovery solution at the same time. Read here how we set up and operate this solution.


Archive Data in Cloud Storage


Archive data is data that is not used that often and therefore does not change that often. Just like short-term data, these must also be kept safe. They should be protected against changes and destruction and be able to be made available in an emergency. Such an emergency represents, for example, an event in which your data center fails. Cyber attacks, which have increased sharply since the beginning of the Corona crisis, are also a very likely threat scenario.


Storage of the Data in a second Data Center


How do you store data for the long term and still make it available at short notice? A very secure method is to store the data in a second data center. This is exactly what we enable with our cloud storage solution. This allows you to store your archive data in a second, secure data center. In the event of a disaster, the systems there are booted up. The fact that your systems are quickly "up and running" in the event of a disaster is based on a previously developed emergency plan. In general, we recommend every company whose operations depend on its data to have a disaster recovery plan.


The ideal Disaster Recovery Solution


The cloud storage solution described here is aimed at companies that generally want additional backup of their data in an external or second data center. Recovery performance can be secondary here, but it doesn't have to be. Because for many companies, rapid recovery after a failure is essential to remain productive. In both cases, it is important that the data can no longer be changed and is thus protected from attacks by cryptotrojans.


Here we present our Basic Concept for an Archive Storage:


In the customer's data center, for example, VMware or HyperV farms are backed up via Veeam Backup Server or Rubrik. The data is written to backup storage located in an external data center via CloudConnect. (Besides Veeam Cloudconnect or Rubrik, we can also provide the SATA storage via CIFS or NFS.)

This backup storage (SATA storage) is part of the Timewarp infrastructure and is located at InterXion and NTT in Vienna. The two data centers are built according to the TIER IV standard. This means that the infrastructure in it is largely protected from physical influences.

Behind the backup storage is an S3 object storage, which is connected to the backup solution via a scale-out repository. The object lock (creating a copy of the data on a WORM drive) means that the data stored on it can no longer be changed.

In the event of a complete failure of the customer's data center, we can start up your systems on the Timewarp infrastructure. All we have to do is restore the backup and your systems will be active again after a time specified in the emergency plan.


Bullet Points Cloud Archive Storage at Timewarp:


  • Development of an emergency plan tailored to your situation
  • Proof of Concept
  • Mirroring of the data in a backup storage at a 2nd data center location in Vienna (Interxion or NTT) -> data 100% in Austria
  • Storage of the data in an S3 object storage (protection against manipulation of the data)
  • Disaster: e.g. data encryption by a cryptotrojan or complete failure of your data center -> restore the data from the backup in the Timewarp data center


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