Colocation or Server Housing – How does it work?

Colocation or Serverhousing Vienna - Here we show you the way from your own server in the office to server housing in an external data center. Read when you should definitely take the step to server housing and what advantages colocation brings with it.

Whats is Colocation or Server Housing?

Colocation, also called server housing or server housing, means the placement of own servers in a data center of an external provider. So you hire space for your IT systems for a certain amount of time at a data center provider like Timewarp. Important here is the state of the art equipment of the data center. In Austria, this is currently Tier III +. Our data centers (two locations at Interxion and e-Shelter) comply with this status. The advantage of colocation is the professional placement of the servers (for example, access control, uninterruptible power supply / cooling and fast uplink) without having to invest heavily. As a partner of leading international data center space providers such as Interxion and e-Shelter, Timewarp can also offer small and medium sized businesses footprint in Tier III + data centers at competitive prices.

Advantages of Colocation

Renting server footprint in a state-of-the-art data center, such as an Tier III + data center, helps you save time and money. And what's more important: Colocation lets you sleep peacefully! Security and trust are important components in placing the servers. The equipment of a self-operated data center often does not match that of a professional data center provider. Especially in cases of burglary, technical infirmities or fires, the impact on IT systems of the company can take on a life-threatening scale.

Tier III + data centers have the highest levels of reliability in the following areas:

  • Access restrictions and video surveillance,


  • Air conditioning and extinguishing systems,


  • Power Supply,


  • High Availability


Do you need colocation or server housing?

For many small and medium-sized companies, sooner or later the time will come when the relocation of the IT systems to an external data center not only makes sense but is also clearly the better option. This has come in any case when spatial and / or technical limits are reached. If conversions are needed in your own data center, for example, to ensure a fail-safe power supply, or if air conditioning renewal is required, consider colocation or server housing as a viable alternative.

Other important reasons for moving to colocation are:

  • The security and availability of your systems is no longer enough to meet your SLAs.


  • Your connection to the internet is no longer sufficient to be able to serve requests to your webshop, for example.


  • You need a site redundancy to keep your systems highly available.


  • You have little to medium IT resources and / or IT expertise in your business.





From Colocation to Hybrid Cloud - respond quickly to growing demand!

Serverhousing saves time and money. By placing the servers in an external data center, issues such as security and availability are outsourced. This eliminates investment and ongoing costs in these areas on your side of the business. You also have more resources at your disposal and can thus take more care of your core task: to further develop your business!

A decisive competitive advantage will bring you the step from colocation to hybrid cloud. If the demand for your services grows quickly, you may reach also fast infrastructural bottlenecks. To proactively prevent this, we recommend renting virtual machines or server pools from the Timewarp Cloud. You can manage these yourself through a self-service portal. This increases your flexibility and at the same time reduces your time-to-market, as you can respond quickly to growing demand.

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