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Setting up MFA Access to Managed Servers

Activation of Servers and Users

In order to use the MFA gateway, we need to activate the users or servers. Please send a request to support@timewarp.at with the following details of all users.
- Username
- Phone number (no extension)
- Server to be accessed
As soon as everything is prepared on our side, we will let you know and you can start with the initial setup of the users.

Initial User Setup

Tip: It is best to install Microsoft Authenticator from the app store on your phone right now.
Before the MFA login works, the second factor must be activated.
Each user must register for this at https://mfa.timewarp.at. When registering, the phone number provided will be called and you will be prompted to press the # key.

After logging in, you will be given the option to activate the Microsoft Authenticator app via QR code (we recommend this method). Furthermore, five security questions have to be answered.
After that, the user is set up.

Switching the Gateway

For the remote desktop connection to work properly, the RDP gateway must be adjusted in the connection settings.


With a right click on the connection -> Edit.

Click on "Settings..." under "Advanced.

In the new window apply the settings set above and confirm with "OK".

Return to the "General" tab and "Save".



Open the settings in the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app.

In the Gateways tab, add a new one with the following settings.

When connecting, select the newly created gateway under "Gateway".

If you connect now, you will be asked on the phone to confirm the second factor and only then the connection will be established.


MFA Force Login

To prevent login without MFA, the connections are blocked on the firewall with the normal RDP gateway.
When all users are set up, please support@timewarp.at prompt to implement the appropriate changes on the firewall.


More Administration

Under https://mfa.timewarp.at you can find a self-service portal. Here settings such as authentication method, phone number, etc. can be customized.

New users must be activated by TIMEWARP support.

New servers can be integrated with AD-Management the group dlg.NNNN*.rdpgws.computers by yourself or by an email to support@timewarp.at.

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