Cost-effective Disaster Recovery for SMEs

Fast Data Restore as a Key Factor after a Failure

For many small and medium-sized enterprises, setting up and operating a failover data center is not financially viable. The costs of renting the data center space and purchasing IT infrastructure that is just waiting for the primary data center to fail one day are too high. That is why we offer a service that guarantees secure backup (with encrypted data) and fast recovery. In terms of price, this option is usually less than 2000€ per month excl. VAT. This means that the costs for DRaaS are significantly lower than the variant where you have to set up a data center yourself.

Be prepared for Ransomware Attacks

For a variety of reasons, the likelihood of ransomware attacks occurring has increased significantly, especially for medium-sized companies. The increasing threat of power outages and the sharp rise in the number of cyberattacks play an important role here.
After all, a disaster does not necessarily mean that the primary data center has been physically damaged, but it can also be the result of a ransomware attack, where all data has been rendered unusable.

Fast Data Restore is important to remain able to act

The speed with which a backup can be restored in the event of a disaster is starting to become increasingly important. Anyone who has ever tried to restore a large amount of data will have been surprised at how long this process can take.
One week restore time for 100 virtual servers with a total of 100TB storage capacity is no exception. But what company can afford to be offline for a week? In the meantime, functioning IT is an essential component of a functioning business model. Even smaller companies are no longer an exception. Of course, this can vary depending on the type of business, but for most companies, a week of downtime is a major problem.
This is where topics such as "fast restore" show up, because of the significant costs that can be caused.

We help you find the right DR Solution

The bottom line is that disaster recovery is nothing more than insurance that you hope you never need. However, it is becoming increasingly clear to IT managers that if you they do not think about disaster recovery in the first place they possibly will have a major problem in the future. The difficulties usually lie in figuring out how much they can or should invest in a suitable DR concept. It depends on what kind of damage is caused to a company if the IT is unavailable for one day.
With the help of our customized solutions, we support you to find the right concept for your particular situation that also fits into the budget.

Basic Concept of our DR-Service

Our solution approaches typically look like this: the customer's data is mirrored to us in the data center via the existing backup solution and we then also reserve the corresponding resources. In the event of a disaster, we can start up the essential servers. All details such as DNS, routing, security, etc. are thought through and documented in advance. The whole thing only makes sense if it is ensured that the data is protected against attacks. We ensure this by using data encryption and WORM drives.

Make sure you have an Emergency Plan

Of course, we also support you in developing a contingency plan, which every company that has a dependence on IT should have. In the event of a disaster, we work together with the customer on the contingency plan and start the restore of the vital servers on our systems, where we keep the resources free precisely for this purpose. Therefore we support all hypervisors (Hyper-V, VMware, KVM), so we can offer this service to every customer.
Medium-sized customers were surprised that such a service for 30 servers and 15TB of storage per month costs no more than 2,000 euros.
With this relatively small investment, even smaller companies now have the possibility to implement a failover data center.

If you have any questions about this or another solution or need help implementing it, feel free to contact me at or by phone at +43 1 419 14 14 203.

Best Regards,
Rainer Schneemayer
CEO and Sales

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