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Kubernetes Lösung H&F Solutions
Stable IT infrastructure for SaaS provider H&F Solutions: The German start-up H&F Solutions specializes in the innovative exchange of data. Their software product dara® revolutionizes the exchange of documents between business partners and their ERP systems through Intelligent Data Interchange (IDI). In order to be able to concentrate fully on the further development of their […]
Timewarp übernimmt ShareVision
Growth at Austrian cloud provider Timewarp: At the end of May 2024, Austrian cloud service provider Timewarp IT Consulting GmbH took over ShareVision IT GmbH in full. ShareVision is known for its IT solutions and developments in the Microsoft 365 environment, including SharePoint, Teams, Copilot and PowerApps, as well as for consulting in Microsoft Azure. […]
Klimaneutralität als Ziel
Vienna, 17.01.2023 - In the last financial year (July 2022 to June 2023), we recorded our CO2 footprint. This was calculated by our partner company (EEC Austria). The data is now available and our emissions amount to just under 175 tonnes. We will have this value verified this year. In order to achieve climate neutrality, we […]
Nachhaltigkeit bei CSP
Sustainability measures at Timewarp: Sustainability among cloud service providers is an important topic that is becoming increasingly more relevant. Cloud service providers (CSPs) play an important role in this, as they provide and operate IT infrastructure, which is also associated with high energy consumption. It is therefore increasingly important for us to organise our activities […]
Darstellung von Datacenter mit Containern
Container Hosting enables quick and easy Scaling for more Performance and Availability Container hosting is becoming increasingly popular. It is simple and protects against errors. However, the conventional variant for hosting applications and websites in companies is often a classic infrastructure. This involves the use of a cloud server. A web server or an application […]
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need tools that help them work efficiently and realise their full potential. With Office 365, Microsoft offers a wide range of licence options that are perfectly tailored to the needs of companies like yours.   Increase Productivity with Office 365 Licences for SMEs From basic email and word processing features […]
The EU NIS 2 Directive stipulates the minimum standards for cyber security for companies and companies and organisations as well as the obligation to report relevant incidents. The EU NIS 2 Directive must also be implemented in Austria by 17 October 2024. By then at the latest, it will apply to more companies than the […]
The secure storage of business-relevant emails is legally obligatory for companies. This data must be stored securely and easily accessible. Compliance with the DSGVO is also relevant and the storage of data must comply with it. We offer modern cloud-based email archiving, which has many advantages over traditional methods of email storage. Learn more about […]
Our Way to more Sustainability Michael Pambalk-Rieger, CEO and Owner of Timewarp, explains why sustainability will play a major role. Why we want to become more sustainable? For me as a native of Tyrol, the connection to nature has always been essential. The thought that something as magnificent as the glaciers cannot be preserved for […]
DRaaS für Klein und Mittelbetriebe
Fast Data Restore as a Key Factor after a Failure For many small and medium-sized enterprises, setting up and operating a failover data center is not financially viable. The costs of renting the data center space and purchasing IT infrastructure that is just waiting for the primary data center to fail one day are too […]

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Kubernetes Lösung H&F Solutions
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Timewarp übernimmt ShareVision
Timewarp takes over ShareVision
Klimaneutralität als Ziel
Timewarp on the road to climate neutrality

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