Install AD Connect and use Cloud Services easily

Install AD Connect and use multiple cloud services in an easy way:
Because Timewarp AD Connect is the tool that allows you to log in to different cloud services from different providers with just one login process and one and the same login data (user and password).

Advantages of AD Connect

Installing AD Connect can be extremely useful for companies that want to connect their local environment with cloud services. The advantages of AD Connect are manifold. Firstly, it enables the synchronisation of user accounts, groups and passwords between the local AD and Cloud AD. This gives users seamless access to resources in the cloud without the need for separate login credentials. This significantly improves the user experience and increases productivity. Furthermore, AD Connect supports centralised management of identities and access rights, enabling administrators to efficiently manage policies and ensure that security standards are met. Last but not least, it enables organisations to benefit from consistent identity management and a single sign-on experience, which increases security and simplifies the management of access permissions.

Easy Integration

Overall, AD Connect offers seamless integration between local infrastructure and cloud-based services, enabling companies to make a smooth and secure transition to the cloud, making it as easy and efficient as possible for larger companies with a large number of employees, and therefore also users, to enter the cost-effective shared cloud. With AD Connect, we can seamlessly merge customer systems and cloud applications, thereby increasing efficiency.

Easy Administration through AD Connect install

Another advantage of AD Connect is that your IT department retains the administration of your systems and the login interface for users looks the same as in your local system. However, AD Connect automatically activates changes in your cloud infrastructure. No further steps are required on your part and shared cloud services can be integrated quickly and easily. It is important that the data and passwords are synchronised in our systems and a backup is created. However, all data is encrypted and cannot be read by us at any time.

Own Service from Timewarp

Timewarp AD Connect was developed by us and modelled on MS Azure AD Connect. With our service, you can connect your existing AD (Active Directory) directly to our systems. Users then access our cloud services with their usual user data and passwords. Our service is currently active for MS Office 365, Remote Offices, Managed Sharepoint, Managed MS CRM and many more.

Do you have questions about installing AD Connect?

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Revised version from 11/30/2023

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