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Which online Archive Storage is the best?   Basically, this question is easy to answer: All those archive data storage systems are suitable that store data securely and can restore them after a failure or cyber attack. This means that suitable online storage is also a disaster recovery solution at the same time. Read here […]
GDPR-compliant Data Storage and secure Data Exchange   There are companies that have particularly high data security requirements. This applies to both data storage and the exchange of confidential or even sensitive data within the meaning of data protection law, which must be encrypted and may only be exchanged via secure channels.
You rent your DB Server - We take care of it 24/7   One of the most common problems in IT departments is probably the shortage of manpower and the associated overload of employees. Nevertheless, the availability and performance of hardware and applications must be guaranteed, especially if they are business-critical. The outsourcing of the […]
Scalable DB Infrastructure with a high Convenience Factor   There are usually three things that IT managers want from an external host when outsourcing databases: The ability to easily and quickly scale the infrastructure. Comprehensive managed services that completely relieve your own IT staff in this area. A very high availability and performance of the […]
GPU Hosting aus der Cloud
GPU hosting as a cloud service - easily scalable computing power for simulations, constructions and all other AI calculations. We will set up the GPU cloud service for you in a few hours. A 14-day test phase is possible free of charge. Billing to the minute, sufficient free resources for rapid scaling and support in planning, implementation and operation by German-speaking IT experts. All data is stored in Austrian data centers.
Highly available Cluster Environment over 3 Data Center Locations for FLIGHTKEYS and SPACEKEYS   Right from the start, we provide the critical IT infrastructure for FLIGHTKEYS (international provider of flight management software). With an improved disaster recovery solution, which includes a third data center location in Düsseldorf, the originally very high availability could be increased […]
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Timewarp develops individual DR services based on Hyper-V or VM-Ware. Benefit from the high cost savings of a virtualised private cloud solution and the security and reliability of local data centres with the best network connectivity.
  Achieve DSGVO compliance when sharing data with your customers, clients, employees or patients. How? - With the file sharing solution Sharebox by Timewarp. Encrypt critical data easily and make sure your data stays in Austria.
To achieve compliance with GDPR, many companies face major challenges. One of these is e-mail communication in the area of ​​personal data exchange. Since data is usually not sent encrypted by e-mail, it is increasingly looking for secure alternatives. This mainly concerns the sharing of personal data under GDPR, but not exclusively. Ideal are secure […]
Rainer Schneemayer gives tips on data protection in the Cloud Data protection is currently the predominant topic in the field of IT security. Companies are faced with the question of how to store their data so that they can fullfill the conditions of the GDPR (Basic Data Protection Regulation). Not only the storage is relevant, but […]
Colocation or Serverhousing Vienna - Here we show you the way from your own server in the office to server housing in an external data center. Read when you should definitely take the step to server housing and what advantages colocation brings with it.
Install AD Connect and use multiple cloud services in an easy way: Because Timewarp AD Connect is the tool that allows you to log in to different cloud services from different providers with just one login process and one and the same login data (user and password).

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